5.3 Admin UI - Settings - API Key, v5.0

“API Key Configuration” allows you to create new or edit existing API Key configurations. The page displays a list containing the following information:

  • API Application: Displays the Name of the application an API Key is used for.

  • Description: Displays a short description to the application.

Clicking the “Pencil” button leads to the “Edit API Key Configuration” page where you can edit an existing API Key configuration.

The following information are shown:

  • API Application: showing the name of the application. This is a “view only” field.

  • Description: Displays a short description to application.

  • Service Key: With checking the checkbox you define the application working on an internal service level. We recommend to set the service key for every system application being used, EXCEPT the desktop client application. The desktop client application shall run without a service key checkmark.

  • API Key: Displays the actual key used for communication with the application. The key can be changed either

    • manually by typing in a new key. Changes only apply after pressing “Update”. Next, the list of existing API Key configurations is shown.

    • automatically by pressing “Randomize Key”. The system will automatically preset a key. Next, the list of existing API Keys configurations is shown.