2. GlobalID Client Configurator, v5.0

The GlobalID Client Configurator will lead you through configuration options of the client installation.

The folllowing entries and choices have to be made:

  • GlobalID Rest URL: Enter the REST URL that the GlobalID Server can be reached with.
    Example: https://<FQDN>:8443/

  • API Key: The API Key as configured in the GlobalID AdminUI → Settings -> API Key

  • API Application: The API application as configured in the GlobalID AdminUI → Settings -> API Key
    Example: DemoApp

  • Reader: This determines a smart card reader that is used only for smart card reading purposes, e.g. for the renewal process of a certificate. Select the reader you want to use from the drop down menu.

NOTE: If your authentication devices needs NFC capabilities, e.g. reading during the enrollment process make sure the right reader, respectively, the right option with multi-option readers is selected.

  • Run in Kiosk Mode: The GlobalID client can be run as a desktop client or as a kiosk client on a dedicated machine, e.g. in reception areas. The functionality of the client is the same, but the user interface is different.
    Enabling this checkbox will make the client run in Kiosk Mode, otherwise as a desktop client.

    • Note that you might have configured different API Key Configurations for desktop client(s) and kiosk client(s). Make sure that you select the correct API Key configuration.

  • Default Kiosk Language: Sets the default language for the kiosk client. (A desktop client will choose the default language set on the system. In case the language is unsupported by the desktop client it will use English.) The available languages in the Kiosk client are:

    • EN = English

    • DK = Danish

  • REST HTTP Timeout: Set the timeout in seconds at which the external service needs to answer before the process times out. This is to force an error message and make the user contact helpdesk.

  • Proxy: Enter the adddress in case a proxy shall be used. Otherwise leave the field blank.