System Requirements and Prerequisites, v5.0


GlobalID Server

GlobalID Server v5.0 is supported on SLES Enterprise Server 15.1


GlobalID Server minimum system requirements:

  • 2x CPU

  • 12GB memory

  • 200 GB disk

  • Network



  • SSL Certificate for GlobalID Portal; either a public trusted certificate or private certificate that clients trust.

  • The CA’s root certificate should be at hand

  • Fixed IP address for GlobalID Server

  • Hostname and IP for the GlobalID Server must be configured in DNS

  • If GlobalID should be used with a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA), the CA must be configured in advance.


GlobalID Client

GlobalID Client v5.0 is supported on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise.


GlobalID Windows Client minimum system requirements:

  • 4GB memory

  • 10 GB disk

  • Network

  • Smart Card Reader Internal, USB or build in Fargo card printer