4. GlobalID cryptovision MiddleWare "SCinterface", v5.0


1. Planning and Overview

The cryptovision (CV) middleware “SCinterface” must be installed for support of the GlobalID smart card. Without the middleware the client can’t acccess the certificate and data on the smart card.

NOTE: the CV middleware is already included in the GlobalID Client installation, this section only applies for desktops without the GlobalID Client installed.


This installation guide provides instructions for installing the middleware for using GlobalID devices on Windows Desktops with cryptovision middleware.

cryptovision middleware works on the following OS:

  • Windows 7 with latest service pack.

  • Windows 8 with latest service pack.

  • Windows 8.1, with latest service pack.

  • Windows 10, with latest service pack.


2. Automated Middleware Installation

The cryptovision middleware can be installed using MSI and a transform using the following command in the Client installation folder “installation_user_x64”:

msiexec.EXE /i cv_act_scinterface.msi TRANSFORMS=transforms\cv_MDstd_default.mst /qb


3. Manual Middleware Installation

From the Kiosk Client installation start the “cv_act_scinterface.msi” installation from the installation folder “installation_user_x64”.

Click “Next” to the Welcome screen.

Accept the license agreement.

Select the Mini Driver option - click “Next” to the Base Component.

Click “Next” to the Custom Setup.

Click “Install” to the “Ready to Install the Program”

The installation should finish successfuly.