Appliance Preparation, v5.0.4

The following prerequisites are necessary before configuring the system:

  • Fixed IP address for the GlobalID server

  • Full Qualified DNS name including domain name (must be configured under installation)

  • Working DNS and network connection

  • Valid SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription code


For integration with Active Directory:

  • *.CER File with Root CA certificate from Active Directory

  • CEP and CES endpoints from the Active Directory Web. The Microsoft tool certutil.exe can be used on at member of the domain to gather the CES URL and the CEP is visible in IIS.


Before starting the installation have a USB flash drive with the following files in the root of the drive:

  • *.cer file with Root CA certificate from Active Directory

  • *.pem, *.pkcs12 or *.p12 file with a public trusted wildcard / *-certificate for the internet domain that the GlobalID server runs within.

 Note: the installer will export the GlobalID LDAP certificate(s) to the USB flash drive.


On first boot, the appliance will guide you through basic system settings. Please pay attention to the hostname + domainname which is configured in the network interface dialogue. These settings should not be modified once the appliance configuration has been finished.


After finishing the basic configuration, please login as root.


The system must be registered with SUSE:

SUSEConnect --regcode=xxxxxxxxxx


Once the system has been registered, change directory to /root/globalid-appliance/install

Run the script ./