Installation Guide Charismathics Security Tokens for Chrombook and Android support

Installation Guide Charismathics Security Tokens for Chrombook and Android support



Introduction and Requirements

This guide provides instructions for support of Charismathics Security Tokens using the SmartSignatur GlobalID Kiosk Client.

The guide is divided into 3 sections:

  • Installation of Charismathics Security Token Configurator

  • Configuration of SmartSignatur GlobalID Kiosk Client with Charismathics Support

  • Pre-initiation of Charismathics Security Tokens

SmartSignatur Kiosk Client

To issue a SmartSignatur certificate to a Charismathics Security Token the following software is needed on the SmartSignatur Kiosk Client:

  • SmartSignatur GlobalID Kiosk Client 4.0 or newer

  • Charismathics Security Token Configurator v5.4.2 (x64)

SSES Server

The SmartSignatur GlobalID Kiosk Client must be configured with a SSES server version 4.x or higher.

Chromebook Devices

For a SmartSignatur Card to work on Chromebooks the following software must be installed on all devices:


Charismathics Installation

Click “Next”.


Read and accept the license agreement.

Accept the default installation path or select an alternative path.

Click “Next” to select the installation option “Typical”.

Click “Install” to begin the installation.

After a few minutes the installation is completed.

Click “Finish”.

If you had a previous version of Charismathics Security Token Configurator a reboot is required. Click “Yes”.


Configuration of Charismathics Support in SmartSignatur GlobalID

SmartSignatur GloblaID Kiosk Client can be configured to use any standard PKCS11 library. To support Charismathics, do configure the following:

Start Regedit and browse to the key:



Make a new string called “PKCS11Lib”

Assign the value “cmp1164.dll”

Next time SmartSignatur GloblaID Kiosk Client starts Charismathics Support is enabled.

Pre-initiation of Charismathics Security Tokens

SmartSignatur GloblaID Kiosk Client v4.0 can’t automatically create the Charismathics Security Token Profile on a blank smart card. The steps below will pre-initialize a Charismathics Security Token Profile that the user can personalize with a user’ selected pin using the SmartSignatur GloblaID Kiosk Client v4.0.

Start Charismathics Security Token Configurator and select the card reader. The card reader must hold an empty card.


Make a Charismathics Security Token Profile.



Select and type the following:

Profile: “corporate profile”

Card Pin: Type a random number

SO PIN and Confirm SO PIN: Type a random number or an administrative SO pin

User PIN and Confirm User Pin: must be the value “7913”

Serial Number: Type a random number

Label: must be the value “SmartSignaturChromeBook”

Click “OK”


Work in progress

The smart card is now pre-initialized and ready for the user to issue certificates to it.

Repeat the step for every smart card that will be used on Chromebooks and Android devices.