Release Notes, v5.0.7



Release (april 2022)

  • Manual activation of renew order process

  • Bugfixes

Release though

  • Bugfixes


  • Convert PortalUI to the VUE framework

  • Feature: Manual orders for ID validation

  • Feature: Graphical overview of device order status

  • Feature: Improved layout of user details page

  • Feature: Improvements to user base data and search capabilities

  • Feature: Device order canceling functionality

  • Feature: Downloading user search results as CSV

  • Bugfixes


  • Support for OpenSC

    • Functionality to configure individual middleware

    • Client now supports a single middleware

    • Device template can be configured to require a specific middleware

  • Download registry file functionality for desktop client configuration

  • Release
    Improve failed revocation on MOCES2 system integration

  • Improve design of User PDF download

  • Introduced manual task for Active Directory device revocation

  • Bugfixes


  • Fixing UI error with downloading windows client

  • Forwarding to error page from request [/api/statistics/orderStatistics/get] due to exception [null]

  • Add version number in Admin UI

  • Fix event logs on the Admin UI

  • Admin UI: Orders with Status 501 are categorized as “in progress”

  • Bugfixes


  • Admin Tasks: Notify an administrator about failed tasks and give the option to remediate the failed tasks

  • User Information: Option to download a pdf-file with user information

  • Windows Client: Download link for the windows client in the Admin UI

  • Print Settings: Remove print settings from the windows client configuration tool

  • Convert Admin UI to the VUE framework

  • Implementation Settings: Option to download a report with all relevant settings of the current implementation

  • SMS validation when issuing AD certificates

  • User UI Device Revokation: Device can be revoked from User UI

  • Active Directory device configuration: “AD” becomes fixed preselected attribute in the "selected" list

  • Bugfixes


  • Active directory issuance process now supports SMS verification type

  • Admin-UI application was migrated from previous module to a new stand alone application and is no longer a part of the backend system

  • Functionality for identity verification failure handling. Where system administrator/moderator has to acknowledge verification failure for user to be able to retry the issuance process (After certain amount of failed attempts)

  • Generating installation reports functionality

  • SMS Configuration is now configurable on the Admin-UI

  • Implementation for windows client download. And configuration for the download options

  • Demo feature: functionality to wipe the relationships of a user entity

  • User data can be downloaded in PDF file

  • Acknowledging failed order

  • Filtering order based on status type

  • Minor changes/code restructuring/cosmetic fixes

  • Bugfixes

Release though

  • Bugfixes

Release (February 2021)

  • New Workflow and Decision Automation Engine build upon industry standard BPM process

  • New Windows Desktop and Kiosk client

  • Full integration with AD CA

  • Visual card print template and support for multiple print templates

  • Sworn statement or SMS text message for MOCES2 certificate issuance

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